Master the art of How Wood Doors are Made


Material Preparation

The workshop can always be kept clean and tidy, which is the foundation for producing high-quality

The Door Leaf Method

Door Leaf Nailing; Cold Pressed Door Core Lamination; Veneer Lipping; Solid Wood Edge Lipping;
Punching; Carving; Batten Pressing Machine; Hardware Hole Processing; Door Quality Inspection.

Door Frame Construction

Door frame pressing; door frame painting; door frame veneering; door frame sawing; Wood door frame
lengthening Mortise and Tenon Architrave; Sanding and Thickness Fixing; Pin Board; Architrave

The Painting Procedure

Shading; Sanding; Spraying Machine; Electrostatic Spray Coating Renovation.

Product Examination

The following tests are required for product inspection: 1. Whether or not the company label and order
remarks are included; 2. Verify the size, type, and contact information...


Door Frame Packing; Door Leaf Packing. 
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What are the product's evaluated characteristics?
  • Tolerances and Dimensions
  • Aspects of appearance
  • Product identification guidelines
  • Product construction specifications
  • Specific requirements include humidity, temperature, acoustic protection, warping, and others.
  • Product performance specifications
  • Loading from the top
  • The static twist
  • Impacts on the soft body
  • Impacts from hard bodies
  • With the presence of an obstruction, there is resistance to closure.
  • Horizontal stress resistance in the slab plane, with two immobilized corners
  • Flexural power
  • Resistance to the sudden closure

All door tests are subjected to extreme repetition to truly test the quality, efficiency, and safety of
each door produced. We do this to provide you with a door that will last for many years despite
daily wear and tear! about the longevity of our Best wooden doors in India, this is an essential part of our manufacturing the best wooden doors in India.