Very few things could be compared with wooden furniture when it comes to designing a spectacular interior or home décor. Wooden furniture changes the appeal of a home into a gorgeous and eternally classy one like an elixir. This is why wooden furniture has been the most preferred form of furniture in every home for a long time. There are also several kinds of wooden furniture that are available in the market, and suit people with different requirements. The biggest connoisseurs of wood would know the best about which kind of wood is perfect for crafting the décor of a home based on their environmental conditions, budget, and the durability of the service needed.  

The basic properties of wood including its texture, gradients, durability, damage resistance, and other factors are what make wood perfect for crafting furniture. The only type of wood that beats all the other types of wood for making furniture is Teakwood. It is one of the best timbers known in India and a sign of high quality and classy material for making furniture. They are the best option for a sustainable future while also being versatile with their characteristics. The long list of advantages that every teakwood doors offer is what paved the way for every classy home in India. 

During ancient times, teakwood was the only wood that was used for making large ships, railway tracks, and many more for its superlative quality and ability to withhold harsh environmental conditions. They are also the only type of Wood that can be carved into tremendous beautiful designs with ease. This is why, when we talk about an ancient yet classy home, the first thing that comes into our minds is furniture made from Teakwood. They are connected to our roots eternally and their artful qualities still enable us to design contemporary homes without a hassle. So today we are here to glorify why Teakwood is the best material for crafting furniture for your home.  

Refer to the following points to know: 

  • Unmatched elegance and aesthetic appeal – Teak wood has a dense brown color with a glossy linear texture and a grain pattern that magically elevates the beauty of any ordinary space. This is why it is also called Noble wood. Its elegance and color deepen over time and its rich natural oil composition makes it eternally glossy. 

  • Teakwood is the heart of artisans and wooden craftsmen. They are the only types of wood that can be carved into marvelous designs with ease while also giving your home the support of strength, quality, and durability. 

  • The natural oil content in Teakwood is rich, this natural oil indeed makes teakwood resistant to damage from water. That is why teakwood is an excellent choice for kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom doors, and many more. 

  • Teakwood is termite and borer-proof. The natural composition of teakwood makes them an unsafe choice for pests, borers, and termites to reside. So say goodbye to the problems of damaged furniture by termites with Teakwood furniture. 

  • Teakwood is damage resistant to harsh weather conditions. The natural oil content in teakwood makes them suitable for all weather conditions. This is why many homeowners choose furniture made from teakwood for their exteriors, windows, wall claddings, furniture for their gardens, and many more. 

  • Teakwood is the only solution to elevate the durability quotient of your furniture. With its ability to resist damage from water, pests, and harsh weather conditions, the oil and rubber content of teakwood makes the benefits of teakwood unpredictable and impossible to count. 

  • They can withstand an incredible amount of weight, and thus are a perfect blend of strength, durability, and quality.

  • Teak wood is a conductor of heat and is highly insulated. Thus, it ensures a safe and happy home for the elderly and the young members of the home. 

  • Sustainability isn’t a choice but a necessity in the era of increasing problems of global warming, pollution, and the need to switch to environmentally friendly goods. Quality Teakwood furniture that is present in the market is sustainably produced and planted from time to time. Moreover, the quality of being highly durable of Teakwood serves the concept of Sustainability. 

  • Teakwood furniture requires low maintenance and is cost-effective – Their quality of being damage resistant to all factors makes them naturally deprived of the need to maintain often. All you need to do is a periodical dusting to retain its glossy appearance. 

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