What are the features of Readymade Wooden Door ?

Ecube is causing a revolution in the Indian manufacturing sector by introducing top-notch core materials there. Ecube advocates the European idea of employing robust, lightweight, and eco-friendly door infills like honey core and tubular cores. Readymade doors appropriate for both modern and classic applications, as with many of our ranges. They can also be utilized as double doors, just like many of our designs. 


  • Moulded panel doors

  • Decorative door

  • Veneered door

  • Laminated door

  • Solid wood door

  • Door frames

  • Window frames

  • Fire-rated doors

Features Of Ecube Indoors Pre-Finished Wooden Doors

Timber: Available with the necessary moisture content level and kiln dried, the timber used for wooden doors, frames, and shutter frames meets quality criteria.

Core: Ecube offers a variety of core types, including high-performance wood cores, honey cores, compressed tubular cores, and cores made from HDF and MDF boards.

Skins: There are many different door skin options available, including solid wood doors, plain doors, doors with molding, doors with laminated MDF and HDF, and doors with simple, grooved, and stylish veneer.

Finishes: Using Italian specialty finishing lines, Ecube makes doors with melamine, Duco, specialty PU, and specified glossy, matt, and satin finishes. Without any human interaction, the doors are dried in an oven.

Fixing: Door frames are coated with acrylic paintable sealants and fixed with cutting-edge foam technology. Designer architraves are also available from Ecube for a tasteful appearance. All necessary drilling and routing for setting hardware using CNC equipment are done in advance at the factory. Consequently, the best performance is achieved after installation.


The most typical type of door used in homes is already manufactured. They are renowned for their durability and are attractive enough to give homes a distinctive appearance. These pre-made doors come in a variety of designs. It is crucial to identify their qualities to comprehend the advantages of the many readymade doors among the possibilities now accessible.

It's essential to match the traits and qualities of various readymade door kinds to your needs after understanding their characteristics and features. Your hunt for the best readymade doors will be over after this.