Doors are the first and foremost thing in an interior that attracts our attention. It plays an important role in the decor of any space, and a good one can dial up the style factor of any modern home. This is why Doors must be crafted with perfection and a wise series of choices for your door might reward you with a dreamy finish of your interiors and a door that creates a remarkable impression of your home.

To create the perfect door for your dreamy home, you need to settle in with several choices such as the quality of materials, the type of door you choose for your home along with few others. Let us put a spotlight on these two major ultimatums to craft the perfect door -

  1. The quality of materials - To choose the best quality of material, one must switch to Teak Wood Doors, as they are proven to last a lifetime while adding great aesthetics to the home. They are a versatile and safe solution for both interiors as well as outside of your home. It's an amalgamation of style, elegance and quality. Wooden doors are something that has deeply been associated with classic homes with unmatchable beauty and quality. The reason behind this association is Teak Wood, as they are very durable and can be carved easily into beautiful designs. Their very natural characteristics are what make them extraordinary. So choose Teak Wood over everything else for crafting a door that stands the test of time and quality.
  2. The type of door you choose - Wooden entrances come in different patterns, styles and forms. Today we have come up with the eight most desired types of door designs that have the potential to fulfil the requirements of style statement and safety of every home. They are

Battened and Ledged Doors 

This is one of the oldest and the very common designs of wooden doors that suit well for many traditional as well as modern homes. The gates are made up of three vertical ledges and two diagonal bracings that are held together by the ledges with horizontal support. These kinds of doors are mostly seen in doors of livestock farms, balconies, exterior bathrooms etc.

Wooden Dutch Doors

These kinds of doors play a major safety function with their split appearance that allows users to open only the top half without opening the bottom half. This enables homeowners to accelerate the safety of their homes while also giving a classy look to their entrance. It adds a historical charm to the home while also looking enough casual and contemporary.

Bifold Doors

These doors are an excellent choice for crafting an extraordinary wooden entrance. A wooden bifold door looks the best when the frame is wooden and the middle portion is entirely glass with its bifold system. These are an ideal choice for the hospitality industries, store doors etc.

Wooden French Doors

These kinds of doors must be crafted with gorgeous designs and make way for a lot of light in your abode. They are quite adaptable and are a versatile choice as they can be customised as per your requirements.

Panelled Doors 

These are the kinds of doors that look more like a featured panel.  These are best used for doors that are outside as they can be crafted into thicker than other designs that add both boldness and safety to your home while also being sophisticated and minimalist.

Hollow Core Doors 

These are lightweight doors that have a hollow core and do not weigh much. These are a perfect choice for kitchens, store rooms, bath spaces etc.

Wooden Louvered Doors

These kinds of doors have been very popular and chosen during the 90s for their design that enables free passage of air while also not compromising on privacy. They can be used to ventilate your home, act as a great style statement and enhance your home's safety.

Barn Doors

These kinds of doors add a rustic appearance while also making optimum use of space and making the room appear larger with its unique designs. They can be opened by pushing side to side rather than in opposite directions. They are an excellent choice for both exterior and interior spaces for their flexibility and functionality.

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